Take a look at 18 of the Hudson Valley's "Elf on the Shelf" that have gotten caught on camera causing crazy mischief at their houses!!

If your house has any kids running around it, the odds say that your house is home to an "Elf on the Shelf". In most houses, the "Elf" arrives somewhere around the beginning of December and stays through the month to keep an eye on the little ones to make sure that they are behaving as we approach Christmas.

The way the elf works at my house (we've named him Freddy) is that once he appears, he keeps track of the kid's behavior each day and reports back to Santa at the end of every day. YES, he magically flies out of the house back to the North Pole and gives Santa his daily report.

Once he leaves the house, when he comes back he lands in a different spot inside the house each night and in some cases, while everyone is sleeping sometimes the "elf" gets bored and decides to cause a little mischief.

The interesting part this year is that many families have caught their elf mischief on camera and shared some amazing pictures to show off. If at some point over the next few weeks you happen to catch the elf at your house causing some mischief and catch it on camera and would like us to add it to our amazing elf gallery of pictures, please send them to us through the Wolf country app and we will add them as soon as possible. Happy holidays!

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