One local library is asking for help and assistance. I've been to the East Fishkill Community Library a few times this year and it's always been a great experience. The staff is wonderful, it's a relaxing place to spend a rainy afternoon at and there are a ton cool of cool books to check out. The East Fishkill Community Library does a lot for the community and they are asking for your assistance so they can continue to help even more people.

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What does the East Fishkill Community Library need help with?

According to their Facebook Page they are asking for assistance with food pantry donations. The Food Pantry makes sure that residents do not go hungry and provides them with a simple and easy way to get food. Unfortunately, food shortages are becoming more common for families with the prices of goods continuing to rise, it doesn't seem like food shortages will be slowing down anytime soon.

How can you help the East Fishkill Community Library?


It's not hard at all. If you have food items that you can donate all you have to do is bring them inside to the circulation desk and the staff will take it from there. Most of us have a few items that we can spare for someone who needs it.

Thank you to the East Fishkill Community Library for all you do for the community. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and if you haven't had the chance to go and check it out you definitely should.

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