Dutchess County has just modified how they give out information to its residents. Not just in case of an emergency, like a tornado or severe snow storm, but also when they are going to be doing road work, or if there is a sensitive resident who cannot be located. They wanted to make it seamless to get the info out, so they are launching a new app.

What does this app do? Is it just going to track us? Or is it going to be able to answer questions like, why is Main Street ripped up? Or what is happening on Route 9?

Let's find out.

What is the new Dutchess County App called and why does DC think residents need it?

Carl Court
Carl Court

The app is called "Ready Dutchess" and is available in iOs and the Android stores. According to a press release, Dutchess County wanted to be able to have all of the information that a county resident might need in one spot. The information could be related to traffic issues, as well as a way for first responders to contact a significant amount of people in case of the need for an evacuation.

One of the key major parts of this app is the Dutchess County Access & Functional Needs (AFN) Registry. What is that?

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It is a registry that helps residents who might have a physical or mental disability and would need assistance leaving their home quickly in the event of an emergency. 

This registry is also good for persons who will need additional help, because they are trying to go what they can to live independently) in an emergency situation. While you would need to opt-in to the registry, that info would only be shared for emergency response efforts.

You can get more information about this special registry at dutchessny.gov/AFNRegistry or you can also call 845-486-2080.

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