Yes, it's an actual thing and could be dangerous.

If you have noticed that the wasps here in the Hudson Valley have been way more aggressive than in the past, you're not alone and there seems to be a good reason why they seem crazy.

According to Popular Mechanics, this is the time of year when wasps go out looking for sweet fluids to drink. They go searching for anything sweet and they usually find some rotting, fermented fruit in garbage cans. Which could be really bad. Why?

Since wasps are really small, when they take a small little taste of it, they become really drunk. Think about the last time you had way too much to drink and tried to do anything, you probably looked crazy and out of control...LOL.

Well, wasps are kinda the same. After they take a tiny taste, they fly off, all drunk and angry and looking for people to sting, so be careful out there.

There is a little bit of good news: this "drunk wasp" phase should only last for a few more weeks but until then, if you see any wasps, just know they might be drunk and could have bad intentions.

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