You probably don't think twice about the prescription bottles that are in the cabinet, right? The prescription ones that you maybe had from your heartburn, your allergies, high blood pressure or even the pain medications that you were given after the oral surgery or when you hurt your back?

While you might not think about them, sitting there in the dark, with one or two doses, never to be taken by you, let this be a reminder to you to toss them, the right way.

Each year the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) holds a nationwide Take Back Day, where you can bring those old prescriptions (grab the ones for your pets as well) to a location and then drop them off, to be environmentally destroyed.

That day this year, 2021, is on Saturday April 24. Do you need to know where to bring your old prescription bottles? There is a locator, by zipcode on the DEA Take Back Website, click here to search. 

Last year, just under 1,000,000 pounds of old prescriptions were collected nationwide.

Do you think that you don't need to toss the old pills? You might need them? What if someone comes into your home and takes them, not giving you that option? Is there a chance that person could die from an overdose? Instead of pondering that question, if the prescription is odd, more than 365 days since it was prescribed to you, the efficacy of the prescription is probably questionable anyway, so toss it and then you won't have to worry.

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