One of the troubles with the weather we have had over the last few weeks is what it does to our roof and gutters. Normally I try to clear off the edges of my roof so that snow and ice doesn't build up over the gutters. Unfortunately, the big storm we had in the beginning of February left snow in places that I couldn't reach. That storm had a lot of drifting.

Most of the edges of my roof were clear of snow thanks to the wind but one area actually end up with more snow than it has ever had before. Some of my neighbors have had issues with snow hanging from the edges of their roof ready to slide down as a giant mound at some inopportune time. I, on the other hand have the giant snow mound wedged in a corner of the roof which is now a giant block of ice.

This did happen once before and I remember the stupid things I tried to get the ice and snow off the corner of the roof.


Things You Should Use to Clear Snow from Your Roof


The reality is if you don't get it down right after the storm you are going to have to wait on Mother Nature. I need a sunny day and no more snow but at this rate I maybe staring at this block of ice until May.

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