Ice Climbing is a thing. Not my thing, but something I guess some people are doing this weekend in the Hudson Valley. Ice and I haven't been friends in quite a few years. I am not a fan of driving on it. I am not a fan of walking on it. As a matter of fact if I think about it I probably only enjoy ice on a hot humid day in August in a tall cool beverage. My second choice would be on my recently broken little toe but that is off topic.

I encounter someone today who was shopping at a store in New Paltz because her friends had chosen ice climbing and she decided no matter how sunny it was outside she wasn't climbing any ice. I didn't ask her where her friends went on this adventure but I am going to guess somewhere on the Ridge near New Paltz.

Turns out there is a school called Eastern Mountain Sports and they will teach you to climb even on ice at all different levels. If you want to know more click here. I on the other hand have a hard time in and ice rink I can't image trying to climb up ice when I can't even stand on it in a pair of skates while leaning on a wall.

If ice climbing is not your thing you can always just walk the R2R trail in New Paltz and tell your friends to meet you at the bottom of the Ridge when they are done.



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