Police say they responded to a domestic disturbance early Tuesday that lead to a the arrest of a resident in New York after they allegedly threatened the other person in the house. While it is not entirely known what the fight was all about, offcials say the suspect displayed a knife and axe and threatened harm against the other individual.

The NYPD says they respond to approximately 230,000 domestic incidents annually, which equals around 600 calls per day. One must wonder what the numbers would be if you factored in the rest of the state?

You Have My Knife, and My Beau, and My AXE!

The New York State Police said in a press release that they were called to home in Greenfield early Tuesday morning over reports of a domestic dispute in progress, Authorities say they arrested a 33-year-old female suspect who had threatened the victim with the knife and axe, and "used both weapons to cause damage to the home and belongings inside."

There is no word exactly how much damage this axe wielding rampage may have caused inside.The suspect is now facing charges, including criminal mischief, and criminal possession of a Weapon.

Greenfield is a town in Saratoga County.

Hudson Valley Man Goes on Axe Attack

Well, this was a terrifying story from back in August. Police say an intoxicated local man was arrested that night after he approached a home with a pickaxe, broke in, and then began swinging the axe at the homeowner inside.


Authorities have not indicated if the victim knew the suspect as of yet, though the 38-year-old man accused of the assault is now facing a slew of serious charges.

Axe-Wielding Suspect Arrested

The New York State Police said in a press release that the 38-year-old Highland man entered the home in Bethel that Sunday night in August 2022. Luckily, police say the homeowner was able to physically force the intruder out of the house, while another person inside called 911. However, police say the suspect then took his frustrations out on two vehicles parked out the residence, causing severe damage to both.

Once troopers arrived at the scene, they determined the suspect to be drunk.

State police say he has been charged with a number of crimes, including felony DWI, Menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon.

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