What's the last one you got?

We found out this morning that most of us in the Hudson Valley are still getting unwanted spam type phone calls on a regular basis. I've signed up for all the DO-NOT-CALL lists, turned some switch on my phone on that's supposed to stop my phone from getting those calls, but none of it works.

I have noticed that my phone does try to tell me when it thinks I'm getting "spammed", by having POTENTIAL SPAM underneath the incoming phone number but I've declined a few calls like that and they weren't spam, they were from people trying to book my DJ services. UGH! HAs that ever happened to you?

Bobby from Pleasant Valley, called the show today and told us that his phone did the same thing to him. He told us, "My phone told me the call coming in was spam and for some reason I answered it, it was my job asking me if I wanted to work overtime. I would've lost big money if I didn't answer."

Can you remember the last spam call you got? Chip called and told us about the "spams" he gets almost every week. He told us he gets calls telling him something is wrong with his social security number, other call and try to sell him a car warranty. He told us they hang up on him when he tells them that he drives a 1989 Dodge Dakota...LOL!

We must have received over 100 texts and calls from people that have gotten the car warranty call at some point in the last month. Did you get one? If you haven't yet, you might over the next couple of days and if you do we got some texts from people giving us suggestions on what to say.

Denise from New Paltz said, "My pastor says if you just start talking about Jesus, they hang up on you." Tom texted, "The last one I got I just kept asking, oh so you wanna have sex? Where should we meet. They hung up."

What do you say when you get spammed? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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