How about you?

We are all still doing everything we can to help to stop the spread of COVID-19. Most of us are social distancing, we are all continuing to wash our hands every chance we get and of course we're all wearing masks anytime we are out in public, but what are the guidelines when it comes to wearing a mask at drive-thru's?

As I sat and waited yesterday to place my order at the Dunkin drive on Route 9 in the Town of Poughkeepsie, there was like 3 cars ahead of me and as I looked into their cars I noticed that everyone in front of me had their masks on while they were placing their orders.

I sat there and had one of those "inside my own head talks with myself". Should I have a mask on? Am I being irresponsible by not having one on? Being honest, I've never even thought to put mine on, but after reading some text message and Facebook comments I think I might need to start masking up.

When you are using a drive thru ant any restaurant of coffee shop across the Hudson Valley do you put your mask on when it comes time for you to get your order?

We got a bunch of text messages from folks all across the Valley including, Cindy from Hopewell who said, "Yes, because it’s a simple way of telling the worker you care about them." Susan texted us, "Yes! Out of RESPECT to all the workers." Luke texted, "No, I’m also not one of those covidiots who drives with a mask on when I’m by myself in my car."

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