If you ask little boys and girls what they want to be when they grow up, chances are that fireman, teacher, veterinarian, or policeman are among their choices. While most of us grow out of what we wanted to be as children, some of us are lucky enough to know right from the beginning what we want to be.

If you, or someone you know, has always wanted to join the police force, specifically the New York State Police force, now's your chance.

The New York State Police are looking for qualified applicants who are interested in becoming State Troopers. The trooper examination will be offered in October on four separate Saturdays in Middletown, as well as various locations across the state.

There are a wide variety of areas to choose from. Whether it's crime scene technicians, K-9 Handlers, the Aviation Unit, the State Police Dive Team, Special Operations Response Team, and more. There's lots of opportunities for those who qualify.

If you're wondering what the starting salary is, according to the New York State Police, during Academy training it is $53,993 and upon graduation it increases to $71,712, with set salary increases.

If you are interested in taking the examination, you must first apply on-line by September 1 of this year. There is a fee for taking the examination, but everything can be done on-line.

If it's always been your dream to join the police force, here's your opportunity to make that dream come true.

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