If you're a parent and ever had to deal with one of your kids sleepwalking we want to hear all about it. Jess was telling us that over the weekend her mom was telling the story about the one time she went on a little sleepwalking adventure.

She said that back when she was 6 or 7 years old, her dad was out of town for work and her mom put her to bed like she would always do. Everything was normal until Jess decided to get outta bed and start sleepwalking around the house. Now not just around the house, her mom said that when she heard some noise in the house, she thought an intruder might be inside, so she grabbed a baseball bat and head out of her room, to find nobody in the house but the front door was open. CUE THE SCARY MOVIE MUSIC!!!!LOL!!!

As Jess' mom looked outside the front door, she saw Jess sitting on the porch swing, just swinging along without a care in the world...ASLEEP! Jess told us that once her mom put her heart back in her chest, she walked her back to bed and that was that. Jess said it never happened again and she doesn't remember any of it.

Have you ever had to deal with a sleepwalker? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app. Tasha texted us, "I slept walked out side when my aunt was in the shower. She laid me down for a nap and I I locked the door and went out side. I started a walking down a back road. Later on in my teenage years I became friends with the mans daughter that picked me up and took me home because he knew who I belonged to. I don’t remember any of it."

OMG, could you imagine?...NOPE!

If you ever come across someone who is sleep walking are you supposed to wake them up? I remember my mom saying something like, if you do wake them, they could have a heart attack or something because they're startled and scared. Jess said she was told that you're not supposed to wake them because they might start to fight with you.

What is the rule when someone is sleepwalking? Text us through the Wolf app.

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