We're going to do the best we can to help this Wolf listener in need of some advice.

Every Wednesday me and CJ dig through our inbox and try to help one of our friends in need here in the Hudson Valley. Some weeks are a more difficult than others, but this is one of the most awkward situations to be in.

It's one of the worlds biggest mysteries when it comes to dating. And it all has to do with who gets the bill at the end of the night.

Here's the email we received:

Dear CJ and Jess,

I recently went on a first date with a guy that my friends set me up with. We went to a local bar and got 2 drinks each and some appetizers. Nothing too crazy. We had a good time and I was thinking about how I would be open to a date #2. However, then the bill came out and I did the typical fake reach for my wallet. My date then said “Okay so it’s $44, so $22 each.” He made me split the bill. It was kind of a huge turnoff. We’ve been talking about date #2, but I’m thinking of just calling the whole thing off. Am I being over dramatic? Don’t guys always pay on the first date?

It's a controversial topic for sure. In my opinion, she made the reach for the wallet. Some guys think that's a sign that she's an independent woman and doesn't need to be taken care of. But I, being a female back in the dating scene, understand the frustration. It shouldn't be a means to cancel date number 2 though.

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