At one time or another we have all come up with names for the people we live near.

If you missed it on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show today, we got talking about the neighborhoods we live in and the people we live next to. If your lucky, you get along with most of your neighbor's, if not you most likely have a not to flattering nickname for them. LOL.

Think about where you live and the people you share a building or street with, do you have a nickname for any of them? If you do call the show now at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

Jess said she has a few nicknames for the neighbor's she has in her building including, the guy in "3" and "Fletcher" who lives upstairs. She calls him that because when he moved in he had a few late night "ragers", playing video games or something like that.

I don't have any nicknames for the neighbor's I live near now but had some back in the day including, "the idiots in the blue house", "Bobby John" and the "dirt couple".

If we had to guess what our neighbor's call each of us, I'm thinking Jess' nickname would be "Whino" and my would be "Squeaks A Lot".

We had a ton of calls including people who called their neighbor's "the tarp lady", the "Creeper" and by far my favorite, from the guy who called us to tell us about the kid who reminds him of the character in the John Cusak movie "Better Off Dead", "Two Dollars". OMG, the paper boy...."I want my $2 dollars".

Do you have any nicknames for your neighbor's?

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