We all have hobbies that we love, and some people have more than others, and the pandemic may have caused you to take up more hobbies. But, is there one that drives your spouse crazy?

Marriage is a fun adventure where your significant other will do things that you may not agree with or just annoys you in general. It's okay, it's normal, we all go through it, but is there a limit to how many hobbies you should have? To break it down, hobbies usually cost money, so you have to balance normal living expenses, savings, and that much desired expendable income to support your hobby.

For me personally, I don't have nearly as many hobbies as I used to have, but I do have a few. I have a fish tank that does require maintenance and certain expenses associated with that. However, over the course of the pandemic, I also decided to get back into collecting comics, which is something that I used to so many years ago.

A buddy of mine was into it and kept sending me pictures of comics he had purchased and finally, I found myself in a comic shop, and of course, I had to wander around. I ended up purchasing a few comics and then I was hooked. I wanted to replace the comics I used to have when I was younger that I had lost over the years, which I did, except for a few.

It's great to have a hobby, but comics is one hobby that drives my wife nuts. I do not go crazy by any means, but I do have a few comics that I like to buy monthly when the new issues come out and now I get the "did you buy more comics?" routine. I try to be good, but maybe I have too many vices, who knows.

What hobby do you have that drives your significant other crazy? There has to be one.

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