Every Wednesday, Jess and I do something on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we call "We Gotcha Wednesday". It's a segment of the show where we can help you with any issues you have going on in your life, anything goes, love life, work, whatever you need help with we try to help.

This week we tried to help Paul, who emailed me over the weekend to ask for some help or at least some clarification about "rednecks". He wrote...

"Hey CJ, I was dating my now ex girlfriend for about 4 months. I thought that things were going great. We took things really slow, as both of us were coming out of marriages. Anyway I thought we were good until this weekend when she dumped me. Her reason? She actually said to me it's because I don't cuddle enough. She said rednecks don't cuddle. I'm blown away CJ as to why, cause I thought I was a cuddlier. Can you ask any rednecks like me if they are cuddlier's or not?"

So we asked on air and everyone that called and sent us messages said that rednecks get a bad wrap. Rednecks as far as everyone listening, are the world's best cuddlier's!!! We had girlfriends and wives defending the Hudson Valley Redneck Nation all morning long.

I'm not sure if it's just me or not but I think that Paul is better off without this girl. Just my opinion and don't forget if you ever have an issue you want us to bring up on the air, email us anytime, cj@hudsonvalleycountry.com

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