I'm no meteorologist, but we have been getting hit with some crazy storms here in the Hudson Valley this summer.

On Friday sever thunderstorms rolled through and it reminded me of the crazy tornadoes that touched down back in May. While no tornadoes were confirmed in the Hudson Valley, one did touch down in New York City.

Crazy, right?

The storm did enough damage to cause traffic back ups, power outages and some destruction.

Unfortunately, my family ended up with some damage. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. When the storms ripped through Poughkeepsie it took down one of the larger trees in my parents backyard, narrowly missing the house and deck. It did however ruin our family garden.



All those tomatoes...mushed. Of course you always think it could be worse, so we'll take the blow to our tomatoes.

Did you experience any damage from the storm last Friday? Share your pictures below. We hope everyone made it out safely.

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