At this point, if you listen to the show, you understand my guilty pleasure is the reality tv show The Bachelorette. I'm intensely into it this season and I couldn't tell you why.

Last nights episode was all about the home visits. The final four gentleman get to bring JoJo, the Bachelorette, to meet their parents. Honestly, the episode was pretty boring. Chase, Jordan, Robby and Luke all had one day to introduce JoJo to their family and friends and convince her that they deserve a rose.

Chase cried, Jordan had family drama (his older brother is Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and apparently they aren't on good terms), Robby might still be in love with his ex that he broke up with 3 months ago (!) and Luke's home visit seemed to go the smoothest. It even ended with Dan + Shay's "From The Ground Up" playing in the background when Luke spilled his guts and told JoJo how much he loved her.

So why in the world was Luke almost eliminated?

If it happens to be because he's not saying "I love you" every three seconds, JoJo really needs to reconsider her plans. Luke might have saved himself at the end by pulling JoJo aside and telling her how much he does "love her." Anyway, I think Dan + Shay might have given me a personal hint about the outcome:

That pretty much confirms it right?! I think Dan + Shay are giving me subtle hints as to what the finale will look like. The episode ended with the always so lovely "TO BE CONTINUED" tag and we wont find out who will be going