Growing up, we learned that if we left snacks out for Santa that there would be a chance we would receive the gifts we wanted. As adults, we may do this for our children, nieces or nephews, or other family members.

For the holiday season, it would be a good idea to leave snacks out for other folks besides our family. 

When buying holiday gifts online, it's easy for us to order items and have them delivered for our own convenience. Thankfully, there are hardworking delivery drivers that make our shopping lists smaller by the day.

We may consider the time around Thanksgiving and Christmas to be the season of giving. Imagine working all day and seeing something to drink or eat right in your path? That's always such a rewarding feeling.

As our postal workers and delivery drivers work aimlessly and around the clock at this time, we can add some positivity to their day with a surprise. They may also feel appreciated for their efforts all year round but more so at this time where some drivers may be working double time.

Jennie Carpio
Jennie Carpio

Hudson Valley residents have been spreading the Christmas cheer this year. You may have seen pictures of baskets on people's porches with snacks, water bottles, and more. A sign may say "Thank you, please help yourself. "or "This is for all that you do."

A few of my friends saw this and decided to spread some holiday cheer as well. They left snacks out with a sign and spotted drivers grabbing items on their route. They instantly felt happy and it made them smile to add something positive to their day.

If you're wondering how to create a basket of your own, you can refer to the picture and add in what you would like to give out. Let's continue to spread the holiday cheer today, this month, and with the new year ahead.

Have you ever done anything similar to this? Does this inspire you to spread holiday cheer? Share your stories and pictures with us below.

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