Me and CJ love hitting the road and broadcasting from different locations around the Hudson Valley. Especially if we get to back an amazing cause.

Last Friday, we received an email from Peter from Deising's Bakery in Kingston. He informed us that this Friday, September 14th, is National Bakery Month. Not only will they be celebrating the holiday, but they will be dedicating the day to one of their loyal customers.

Peter tells us "We are trying to dedicate this day to one of our loyal customers that was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in March." Al Mitchell was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in March and after a biopsy is suffering form partial paralysis. Peter and the folks at Deising's are doing with they can to help Al. They'll be selling special cupcakes on Friday and will also have a special donation jar on site.

Bakery Day

If there's any little bit we can do to help, we try to. So on Friday morning we'll be broadcasting live from Deising's Bakery. From 6 am until 10am CJ and I will be hanging out and doing our show to help Al and his family.

Take some extra time out of your morning on Monday and swing by Deising's located at 111 N Front St, Kingston, NY 12401.

See you there!

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