I would usually say that things couldn't get any stranger, but it's 2020 so anything can really happen. Like a magician flying over the Hudson River by balloons.

Yes, you read that right. Native New Yorker and famous illusionist David Blaine is up to his insane tricks yet again. It's been almost a decade since his last stunt.

In the past, Blaine has performed "magic tricks" like back in 2006 being submerged underwater for hours in shackles trying to escape and being locked in an icebox for his "Frozen in Time" stunt that he wasn't able to pull off in 2000.

This time Blaine will be taking to the skies.

According to ABC 7, David Blaine's next trick involves New York, New Jersey and balloons. Apparently he is planning to fly from New York, over the Hudson River, and land in New Jersey "holding nothing but a bunch of balloons."

David Blaine's tricks and stunts in the past were given the spotlight on big network platforms like ABC. However, back in 2012, Blaine turned to Youtube to live-stream his One Million Volts Always stunt according to his Wikipedia page.

Blaine's latest stunt will also take the streaming route. You can see David Blaine float over the Hudson live on Youtube on August 31st.

Will he be able to successfully get from New York to New Jersey? Will it be faster than taking the Lincoln Tunnel?

Let's just hope none of those balloons pop on the way over. Will you be watching the latest David Blaine stunt?

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