The New York State Attorney's Office has concluded their investigation into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and they say he sexually harassed at least 11 women.

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This announcement has prompted CT Governor Ned Lamont and other Governors to call for Cuomo's resignation, according to NBC Connecticut.

Lamont, Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey, and Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania and Dan McKee of Rhode Island have all issued a joint statement on the matter that reads in part:

“We are appalled at the findings of the independent investigation by the New York Attorney General. Governor Cuomo should resign from office.”

It wasn't all that long ago that CT Governor Ned Lamont and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo were strong allies on a number of matters.

In 2019, Lamont, Cuomo, Phil Murphy and Tom Wolf gathered to discuss a variety of topics and come to some consensus. One the menu that day (10/17/19) for the Governors of CT, NY, NJ and PA were topics like marijuana legalization and regulation of vape products.

Lamont said in a press conference that day, "What we want to do is coordinate this on a regional basis" and added "We just want to make sure we go in with our eyes open and we’re consistent."

This was one of several meeting of its kind, including many virtual meetings during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Despite their obvious connection and shared ideals, Lamont did the right thing in calling for the resignation of Andrew Cuomo. If the man did what is said to have been done to these women, he's unfit to run the State of New York. He also needs to show real remorse and make amends wherever possible rather than take another stubborn, last ditch attempt to deny the accusations and hold onto power.

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