Crikey! A kangaroo is on the loose in the Hudson Valley. No, this isn't an early April Fool's Day joke.

In all seriousness, it's heartbreaking to lose track of a pet. Whether it's for a short time or over weeks and months. One Hudson Valley Animal Retreat is missing one of its animals from down under.

Noah's Park Retreat in Goshen is a 501c3 organization that is dedicated to "educating the public and providing an interactive facility for schools and other educational groups to enhance awareness of nature and the importance of protecting animals and their environment."

Unfortunately, their Kangaroo named Rocko has gone missing. In the Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley Facebook group, Jodi Munsch Mains wrote:

Hi Everyone, looking for a lost kangaroo it was last seen near Gate school house road 17m area of Goshen. Name is Rocko!

Mains added that the animal will not attack if you approach, however it is very skittish and will probably run away before you can get close enough. They suggest guiding Rocko to a barn or garage and to move slowly as to not spook the bouncy animal. Mains explains further:

The kangaroo is very skiddish. Please approach slowly not to [spook] it. It like sweet potatoes and bananas if anyone lives in the area it has been seen as well as water it been a few days and maybe hungry and help it get spotted long enough for it to be taken home.

If you happen to come across Rocko the Kangaroo, you are urged to call 845-421-5365 or 845-522-731.

For more information about Noah's Park Retreat visit

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