Do you feel like where you live can be described as cozy? Residents who live in the Hudson Valley towns that have been named can consider themselves lucky.

The Hudson Valley is known for many things, each season has so much to offer. From beautiful views that change 4 times a year to nature trails, swimming holes and local apple and pumpkin orchards, it doesn't get much better than this.

Some of the best fall foliage can be spotted in the Hudson Valley along with breathtaking rolling green hills with flowers in the summer.

There is an extensive amount of history surrounding each location in the Hudson Valley. 

Two Hudson Valley Towns Were Highlighted For Being The Coziest In America


According to, the website, did a comparison that shocked Hudson Valley residents. 

This included and compared the coziest small towns in America, there were about 170 of them in different categories. 

How Was The Nomination Done For Coziest Towns?

loading... included that the nomination of the coziest towns in America was done based on food, weather, activities, snowfall, cafes and bakeries and more. 

Rhinebeck Was On The List For As One Of The Coziest Towns In America

Rhinebeck was rated number 96 out of 170. Presently located in Dutchess County, Rhinebeck was once referred to by a different name. Kipsbergen was known as Rhinebeck, NY.

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According to the Museum of Rhinebeck History,

"There's a deed that showed a transfer of land between individuals. This would have been done between Jacob Kip and Evert Van Wageninge in regards to the "south of the land" and "to the north of the land". "It was not stated how many acres were involved but there's a large amount that was called  "Kipsbergen—so named because the Kips (Henry & Jacob) were the only ones of the 5 partners who signed that 1688 deed with the Indians to actually settle there."

According to Heather Croner Real Estate Sotheby’s International Realty,

"In 1713, the name “Ryn Beck” was used. Today Rhinebeck has 437 National Historic Register sites. The Sixteen Mile Historic District is composed of 30 contiguous riverfront estates associated with landowners in the Hudson Valley dating from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries."

On my day trips to Rhinebeck, NY, I have gone to FDR's cousin's house. It was fascinating to see where the old tennis courts were, the views of the property and who lived in which building.

I also visited a west coast themed smoothie shop that I really enjoyed.  There is a lot of hidden, historical information that lives in Rhinebeck, NY. In fact, there is a post office in Rhinebeck that is a national historic site. FDR had ties to this exact location. 

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Hudson Was Nominated As One Of The Coziest Towns In America

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Hudson was rated number 50 out of 170 towns. 

Hudson is located in Columbia County.  A new business opened its doors recently in Hudson. This bi-coastal, colorful shop brings character and variety to this town and surely helped it rank so high on this national list.

On my day trips to Hudson, NY, I have had brunch at a local business and sat along the water in the summer months and embraced the beauty. I enjoyed visiting the local animal rescue, AnimalKind, walking the streets, and seeing all of the unique shops as well.

According to the City of Hudson,

"The little city of Hudson has the distinction of being the first city in the United States—that is, it was the first city to be incorporated after the thirteen colonies became the United States."

Thomas Jefferson along with James Madison visited Hudson, NY.

"The idea of Hudson started even before the Treaty of Paris was signed. A group of men from Nantucket and New Bedford—seafarers, owners of whaling ships"

Early Hudson, NY was also known as a "vibrant place".

In the late 1790s, Hudson was almost the capital of New York State except for being one vote short.

Have you ever been to these two cozy towns? Share with us below and let us know which towns you believe are the coziest in America.

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