One thing that always intrigues me about country music stars is what brand are they wearing for clothes?

The women and men of country music know how to go from red carpet fashion to just hanging out style and look great every time.

As I was doing a little more research, I noticed that some of them have their own clothing lines and wear outfits straight from their brand.

Boy do I wish I knew some of this before Christmas time because there are some outfits that for sure would have been on my list.

If you're looking for yourself or someone else, here are some country singers who have broken into the fashion world:

CALIA by Carrie Underwood

Not only is Carrie an inspiration with fitness, but she dresses the part as well. She has her own work-out line with some cute stuff.



32 Bridge by Luke Bryan

I probably would wear anything this guys makes.



Idyllwind by Miranda Lambert 

The boots in her collection are to die for. She has some really cute dresses and tons of fringe.



Tribe Kelly by Brian Kelly (Florida-Georgia Line) and his wife. 

Great choices for both men and women.



Moonshine Spirit by Brad Paisley 

Boots, jeans, and shirts any country guy will love.


Shop Brittany Aldean by Brittany Aldean (Jason Aldean's wife) 

She has great style and it shows in her collection.


Kittenish by Jessie James Decker

Super cute style for going out or work.


and speaking of shopping....

I'm getting an early start on my summer country concert wardrobe and saw this,

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Definitely something to wear to Bethel Woods this season.

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