We have donuts, and we have fries. For millennia, mankind has searched for a way to somehow combine the two. Top scientists have struggled their entire lives to get just a little bit closer to this melding of flavors. And now, the brilliant minds at Dunkin' Donuts have finally done it.

Dunkin' Donuts has started testing out a new food item on their menu called "Donut Fries," and yes, they are exactly what they sound like. Right now, they're only available at a few locations in Boston as part of a new $2 snacking menu. Also included on the menu are fudge brownies, pretzel bites, ham and cheese rollups, waffle-bread chicken tenders, cookies, and munchkins with dipping sauce, all of which sound amazing and I need them right now.

But really, the Donut Fries are what we're all here for. So what are the odds of these breaking out of Boston and making their way to the Hudson Valley? Pretty good, actually. The social media feedback has been strong, so we'll hopefully see this magical concoction sooner rather than later.

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