With news about the coronavirus changing so rapidly, it can be challenging to keep track of it all. We've collected all the links to our latest news and updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on life in the Hudson Valley below.

Friday, May 22
Cuomo: Mid-Hudson Region is on Track to Reopen ‘This Week’
Hudson Valley Eatery Turning Into Drive-In Theater For Charity
Hudson Valley Diner Serves Customers Like They Did '60 Years’ Ago
16 New York Beaches Are Open for Swimming

Thursday, May 21
Cuomo: No Classroom Summer School Across New York State
Food Shipped to Restaurants Now Available For Home Delivery in NY
Parts of Region Meet All Metrics to Reopen, But Must Wait
Here’s How You Can Help The Mid-Hudson Region Qualify to Reopen
Many More Hudson Valley Businesses Can Reopen
Over $10 Billion Paid to Unemployed New Yorkers During Pandemic

Wednesday, May 20
Small Religious Gatherings Allowed in New York With Face Masks
New York Lawmakers Want Weed Legalized to Help With COVID-19
Hudson Valley Region Gets Closer to Being Able to Reopen
Some Hudson Valley Businesses Can Reopen Now, With Restrictions
Cuomo to New Yorkers: ‘Staying Home is Good Right Now’
Hudson Valley Counties Take Steps to Reopen

Tuesday, May 19
New York Can Have Memorial Day Ceremonies With Up to 10 People
Hudson Valley Store Shut Down for Violating New York Pause Order
Trump: Lower Hudson Valley Doctor Recommend Hydroxychloroquine
Cuomo Shares ‘Good News’ About New York COVID-19 Death Toll
Lower Hudson Valley Beaches Opening With Face Covering Rules

Monday, May 18
Cuomo: Pro Sports Can Reopen in New York, 6th Region to Reopen
11 Hudson Valley Businesses Lay Off or Furlough Over 2,500
Hudson Valley Moves Further Away From Being Able to Reopen
Report: New York State Has Stopped Practicing Social Distancing
New York State Updates What is an ‘Essential’ Business
Cuomo Takes COVID-19 Test, Urges More New Yorkers to Get Tested

Saturday, May 16
Cuomo Expects to See COVID-19 Cases Increase Across New York

Friday, May 15
New York Beaches Will Reopen Next Week With Face Covering Rules
New York Shutdown Order Extended Until Mid-June, But Not Really
New York Hair Salons Reopen Could Reopen in Near Future
Unclear When Places of Worship Can Reopen or Gatherings Resume
Cuomo: The Coronavirus Pandemic is Not Over in New York

Thursday, May 14
Cuomo: New York is Heading in Right Direction in COVID-19 Fight
New York Gives Guidelines Businesses Must Follow When Reopening
Ulster County Meets All Metrics to Reopen, But Must Wait
Hudson Valley Grocery Store Now Offers Reservations For Shopping
Cuomo, Fauci Warn of Dangers of Reopening New York Too Quickly

Wednesday, May 13
Another New York Region is Ready to Reopen, Others Getting Close
New York State’s Phased Reopening Plan Could Be Accelerated
New York State is Hiring Many Vital COVID-19 Tracing Positions
Hudson Valley Social Distancing Grades Getting Worse
New York Needs $61 Billion Bailout or ‘Devasting’ Budge Cuts

Tuesday, May 12
Cuomo: New York Will Scale Back Reopening if Virus Spreads Again
As New York Reopens, We Must Continue to Stay Inside, Avoid Others
What the Hudson Valley Needs to Do to Start Reopening Process
New York Earns Near Failing Grade For Social Distancing
New York State Creates Regional Reopening Dashboard
New York’s Six Flags Theme Parks Using Reservation-Only System
What Part of the Hudson Valley Has The Most COVID-19 Cases?

Monday, May 11
Hudson Valley is Trending Towards Meeting Reopening Benchmarks
Cuomo: Parts of New York Are Ready To Open on Friday
Hudson Valley Bars, Restaurants Won’t Open Until Late June, July
Hudson Valley Officials Start Reopening Process
Cuomo: New York Will Not Deviate From Phased Reopening Plan
Cuomo Issues Many New COVID-19 Rules For New York Nursing Homes

Saturday, May 9
New York Shutdown Order Hasn’t Really Been Extended Until June
Cuomo Gives New York ‘Good News’ Mixed With ‘Heartbreaking’ News

Friday, May 8
Cuomo: New Yorkers With COVID-19 Antibodies Can Get Virus Again
New York COVID-19 Deaths Increase By Almost 1,000 Overnight
Hudson Valley Renegades Release Extensive COVID-19 Readiness Plan
Over 2,220 Hudson Valley Residents Have Died From COVID-19
Dutchess County COVID-19 Dashboard Gets Facelift With New Data

Thursday, May 7
Cuomo: Wearing Masks Will Protect New Yorkers From COVID-19
Growing Number of New York Kids Have Rare COVID-Related Illness
Hudson Valley Officials Pushing to Reopen in Mid-May
Westchester, Rockland in New York’s ‘Mid-Hudson’ Reopening Region
Cuomo Suggests Online School Could Replace Classroom Instruction

Wednesday, May 6
Cuomo: Majority of New Yorkers Got Infected With COVID-19 at Home
Updated Timeline For When New Yorkers Will Get Stimulus Check
New York Releases Regional Tracking Page for Reopening Metrics
Hudson Valley Counties Taking Steps to Reopen Together

Tuesday, May 5
Cuomo: COVID-19 Death Projections Double as States Quickly Reopen
Hudson Valley Doesn’t Meet Metrics to Start Reopening
Some Businesses in Hudson Valley May Be Allowed to Reopen
More Guidelines For When New York Regions Can Reopen
Update on Where the Most COVID-19 Cases Come From in the Region
Mysterious New Sign Honors Hudson Valley ‘Heroes’ (PHOTOS)
Over 130 Hudson Valley Nursing Home Residents Died From COVID-19

Monday, May 4
Cuomo: New York Will Reopen in at Least 4 Phases, Over 2 Months
Over 2,000 Mid-Hudson Valley Residents Recover From COVID-19
Officials Announce Plans to Restart, Reopen Hudson Valley
Hudson Valley Gets Near Failing Grade For Social Distancing
Lower Hudson Valley Nurse Documented Fatal Fight With COVID-19
Cuomo: New York Should Be Prepared For Second COVD-19 Wave
New York Joins Regional Supply Chain For PPE, COVID-19 Tests

Friday, May 1
Cuomo: 3% of Hudson Valley Residents Have COVID-19 Antibodies
All New York Schools Closed For The Rest of The Academic Year
Hudson Valley Landmark Says ‘THANK YOU!’ to Frontline Workers
Almost 2,000 Hudson Valley Residents Have Died From COVID-19

Thursday, April 30
New York Stopping Train Service For 4 Hours Each Day For Cleaning
New York’s First Pit Bull Police Dog Reminds Us to Cover Face
Top New York Education Officials Want Schools Reopened Soon
Cuomo Won’t Force New Yorkers to Work if They Don’t Feel Safe
Cuomo Releases Road Map For How New York Will Reopen

Wednesday, April 29
New York Sees Increase in New COVID-19 Hospitalizations
Key Parts of ‘Today Show’ Being Filmed in ‘Upstate New York’
Hudson Valley Air Force Pilot Survives Battle With COVID-19
Hudson Valley Unlikely To Be Allowed to Reopen in Near Future
Near ‘Universal Support’ For Cuomo to Extend New York On Pause

Tuesday, April 28
Cuomo Announces More Plans to Reopen New York
New York Groceries May See Meat Shortages in Near Future
Where Does the Hudson Valley Have the Most COVID-19 Cases?
Many Roads in the Hudson Valley Are Now Closed Due to COVID-19
IRS Fixes Issues With Stimulus Payment Tool
Moving Video Shows Local Woman Going Home After Beating COVID-19
New York Nurse Takes Own Life After Treating COVID-19 Patients

Monday, April 27
New York Nurse on Frontline of COVID-19 Battle Dies From COVID-19
CDC Adds 6 New COVID-19 Symptoms
Hudson Valley Officials Discuss Plans to Reopen Restaurants
Cuomo Releases Steps on How New York Will Reopen
Cuomo: Yankees, Mets Could Play Games in New York This Summer
Over 130 Hudson Valley Residents Died From COVID-19 This Weekend

Saturday, April 25
Cuomo: COVID-19 Hospitalizations in New York Lowest Since April 1

Friday, April 24
Cuomo: Global Pandemic ‘Will Happen Again, Bank on It’
New York Firefighter’s 5-Month-Old Baby Dies From COVID-19
No Doctor’s Note Needed at New Hudson Valley COVID Testing Site
Over 230 Hudson Valley Residents Died From COVID-19 This Week
New York Launches Investigation Into COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths

Thursday, April 23
Study Suggests 2.7 Million New Yorkers Infected With COVID-19
New COVID-19 Model Estimates When New York Can Start to Reopen
Timeline For When New Yorkers Will Get Stimulus Check
McConnell: No COVID-19 Bailout For New York State
CDC: 2 New York Pets Test Positive For COVID-19
Lower Hudson Valley Family Loses Mom, Dad, Sibling to COVID-19
Ulster County Company is Giving Thousands of Free Masks to Public
President Donald Trump Will Speak in Hudson Valley in June

Wednesday, April 22
Cuomo on Reopening New York: This is Not The Time to Act Stupidly
COVID-19 Forces Hudson Valley Hiking Trail Closures, Restrictions
Head of CDC Warns Second Wave of COVID-19 Could be Deadlier
70% of New York Prisoners With COVID-19 Are in the Hudson Valley
Sullivan County Releases Map of COVID-19 Cases
Cuomo: NY Will Double Testing After ‘Productive’ Talk With Trump

Tuesday, April 21
Cuomo: Parts of New York State Will Reopen Before Others
Which Parts of the Hudson Valley Have the Most COVID-19 Cases?
‘Healthy’ Trainer With Ties to Region Dies From COVID-19
New York Nurses File COVID-19 Lawsuits Against State, Hospitals
New Facebook COVID-19 Map Shows Number of Symptoms in New York
3 From Lower Hudson Valley Sue WHO For Alleged COVID-19 Cover-up

Monday, April 20
Out of Work New Yorkers Can Now File For COVID-19 Unemployment
Cuomo: New York State ‘Is Closed Unless We Say Otherwise’
Cuomo: New York Has Passed COVID-19 Peak, Warns of Second Wave
New York Golf Courses, Marinas, Boatyards Can Open
Over 150 More Hudson Valley Residents Die From COVID-19
New York State to Begin COVID-19 Antibody Testing on Monday

Saturday, April 18
Cuomo Suggests New Yorkers Wear Masks When Walking Dog

Friday, April 17
New York is in Serious Financial Crisis, Cuomo Mandates New Order
Here’s Why Many in New York Haven’t Received Their Stimulus Money
All DeCicco & Sons Are Now Closing on Sundays Due to COVID-19
1,220 Hudson Valley Residents Have Died From COVID-19

Thursday, April 16
New York’s Plan to Get People Out of Homes, Back to Work
Hudson Valley Shelter Finds Dog Home After Owner Dies of COVID-19
Social Distancing May Last in New York Until 2022, Study Finds
Orange County Executive: New York Doesn’t Have Enough Test Kits
Retired Hudson Valley Cop Needs Help in Battle With COVID-19
Lower Hudson Valley Police Officer Dies From Coronavirus

Wednesday, April 15
New York is One of Best States in Nation For Social Distancing
These Health Issues Are Killing Most New Yorkers With COVID-19
Hudson Valley Drive-In Theater Hopes To Reopen, End ‘Cabin Fever’
Cuomo: ‘King Trump’ is ‘Breaking’ the Constitution

Tuesday, April 14
Cuomo: New York Flattens the Curve, But Level is ‘Devastating’
What Part of the Hudson Valley Has The Most COVID-19 Cases?
Hudson Valley Firefighter is 1st Metro-North COVID-19 Death
World-Famous Painter From Hudson Valley Dies From COVID-19
Hudson Valley Hiking Trails Are Closing Very Early Due to Crowds
Hudson Valley Officials Will Work Together to Restart Life
Northeast Governors Say They Should Decide When States Reopen

Monday, April 13
COVID-19: New York, 5 Other States Teaming Up to Restart Economy
Cuomo: The Worst is Over for COVID-19 in New York, But Horrific
218 Hudson Valley Residents Have Died From COVID-19
New Yorkers Can Now Get Free Legal Assistance Due to COVID-19

Sunday, April 12
Cuomo: COVID-19 is Killing New Yorkers at a ‘Staggering’ Rate

Friday, April 10
Dutchess Exec Marc Molinaro’s Father Dies From COVID-19
New York Reports Negative ICU Admissions for First Time
Many Auto Insurers are Giving Refunds Due to COVID-19
6th ShopRite Worker Tests Positive for COVID-19 in Hudson Valley
All New York Golf Courses Are Now Closed
New York May Have Turned Corner In Fight Against COVID-19

Thursday, April 9
Cuomo: Additional Waves of COVID-19 are Expected in New York
Medical Professionals Blown Away With Community’s Support
New Yorkers Are Doing Less Social Distancing Than Italy, Europe
40 More COVID-19 Deaths Reported in Hudson Valley
New Guidance Issued for New York Hiking Trails, Parks
Marc Molinaro’s Dad is ‘Struggling to Stay Alive’ With COVID-19
Flags Lowered in Hudson Valley To Honor COVID-19 Victims

Wednesday, April 8
New York Releases Data on COVID-19 Deaths Including Age, Race
Hudson Valley Father of 5 Dies From COVID-19 on Twin’s Birthday
Marist Graduate, Healthy 30-Year-Old Dies From Coronavirus
New York Farmers Forced to Dump Milk Due to Coronavirus
COVID-19 Is Causing Many Hudson Valley Residents to Litter
New York Reports Biggest Single-Day Increase in COVID-19 Deaths

Tuesday, April 7
New York Reports Biggest Single-Day Increase in COVID-19 Deaths
Popular Hudson Valley Hiking Trails Are Closing Due to Crowds
Here’s How to Report Unlawful Social Gatherings in New York State
Cuomo Offers Some Good News in Terms of COVID-19 in New York
Nearly 30 More COVID-19 Deaths Reported in Hudson Valley
Ulster County on Pace to Run Out of Beds, Ventilators in Days
Hudson Valley Businesses Offering First Responders a Free Lunch

Monday, April 6
All New York Schools, Non-Essential Businesses Will Stay Closed
Fines Doubled For Not Social Distancing in New York
Surgeon General: This Week Will ‘'be Our Pearl Harbor, 9/11'
Where Each COVID-19 Case Originates From in the Hudson Valley
Over 25 Hudson Valley Residents Die From COVID-19
2 Hudson Valley Credit Unions Close After Employees Get COVID-19
Over 4,000 New Yorkers With COVID-19 Testing Anti-Malarial Drug
Dutchess, Ulster Needs Your Help to Help Fight COVID-19

Sunday, April 5
Cuomo: COVID-19 Peak is Here or Near, But Shares More Good News

Saturday, April 4
Medical Students Near Graduation Can Start Working Now in NY

Friday, April 3
New York COVID Death Toll Nears 3,000 After Deadliest Day
New York Teacher Tests Positive For COVID-19 For Second Time
28-Year-Old Among 11 More COVID-19 Deaths in Hudson Valley
New Yorkers Should Cover Face While in Public, NYC Mayor Says
Actor, Broadway Star From Hudson Valley Has COVID-19
Fundraiser Will Feed Medical Staff From Hudson Valley Restaurants

Thursday, April 2
Cuomo: New York Will Run Out of Ventilators In Days
Hudson Valley Residents With COVID-19 Allegedly Not Staying Home
Hudson Valley Doctor, Two-Time Cancer Survivor Dies From COVID-19
Bill Gates Foundation Predicts 16,000 NY Deaths From COVID-19
15 COVID-19 Related Deaths Reported in Hudson Valley
Orange County Police Hoping to Make Child’s Birthday Special

Wednesday, April 1
Marist Graduate, Teacher Dies From COVID-19
New Yorkers Are Urged To Not Travel Within The State
Hudson Valley Teacher Among 12 More Local COVID-19 Deaths
Cuomo: No One in New York Can Get Evicted For Not Paying Rent
OC Executive: Cuomo Denys Kiryas Joel COVID-19 Containment Zone
Cuomo: ‘Your Stupid Actions Don’t Just Affect You’
OC Executive: Treat Everyone As if They Have Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Fourth COVID-19-Related Death in Dutchess
Cuomo: Coronavirus Won’t End By Easter
Andrew Cuomo’s Brother Has Coronavirus
Cuomo: ‘We Underestimated This Virus’
Hudson Valley Coach Among 4 More Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths
Orange County Is Critically Low on ICU Beds
Cuomo Gives Some More Good News About Coronavirus in New York
Poughkeepsie Playgrounds, Basketball Courts Are Closed
What to Do If You See Price Gouging in New York

Monday, March 30, 2020
Possible Coronavirus Exposure at Man Orange County Stores
New Restrictions in Place for Many Hudson Valley Hiking Trails
New York State Campgrounds, Cabins, Cottages Are Closed
'Thousands' of New Yorkers Will Die From COVID-19, Cuomo Says
Putnam County Now Lists Where Each COVID-19 Case Originates From
'Bogus' 'Coronavirus-Killing' Devices Are Being Sold in New York
No New York Quarantine, CDC Issues Travel Advisory for Tri-State
Mount Beacon Park Is Now Closed

Sunday, March 29, 2020
Ulster County Reports First COVID-19 Death
Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines to April 30th
Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in New York as of March 29
Cuomo: 'No One Is Going to Attack New York'
Cuomo: 100% of Company's Workforce Must Continue to Stay Home

Saturday, March 28, 2020
Orange County Releases Map of COVID-19 Cases

Friday, March 27, 2020
All New York Schools Are Closed Until At Least Mid-April
Clintons Send Over 400 Pizzas to New York Hospitals
Counties in the Region Urge Others To Stay Away
Health Commissioner: Orange County Residents Should Stay Home
3 More Hudson Valley Residents Die From Coronavirus
Ulster County Now Lists Where Each COVID-19 Case Originates From

Thursday, March 26, 2020
Possible Coronavirus Exposure at Orange County Walmart
Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in New York as of March 26
Cuomo: New York is Losing $10-15 Billion in Revenue From COVID-19
Coronavirus-Related Deaths in New York Jump 100 in One Day
What the $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Means for New Yorkers
Hudson Valley Man Refused Service Over Coronavirus Fears
NYC Mayor: Over Half of All New Yorkers Will Get Coronavirus
Cuomo Gives Some Good News About Coronavirus in New York
SUNY New Paltz Teacher, Student Test Positive for Coronavirus

Wednesday, March 25, 2020
OCHC: Any Public Site in Orange County is a Potential Site For COVID-19
Cuomo: Some New York City Streets Will Be Closed to Cars
Cuomo Fires Back at Trump's Accelerated Coronavirus Timeline
All New York State Park Playgrounds, Courts, Fields Are Closed
5 ShopRite Workers Test Positive for Coronavirus in Hudson Valley
Everyone Who Was in New York Should Self-Quarantine

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Cuomo: COVID-19 Apex in New York Happening Sooner, Higher Cases
ShopRite of Lagrangeville Employee Tests Positive for Coronavirus
Orange County Restaurant Offering Family Taco Kits
Tops Supermarket Gives Employees Raises, Is Hiring
Hudson Valley Farm Offering Free Groceries to Those in Need
Hollywood Stars Tell New Yorkers to Stay Home, Save Lives
All New York Hospitals Must Increase Capacity by 50 Percent
AG Urges Employees to File Complaints If Jobs Are Ignoring Orders
Dutchess County Issues Urgent Request for First Responders

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Monday, March 23, 2020
Number of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in New York as of March 23
Cuomo Tells New Yorkers Be Prepared to Be Out of Work for Months
Updated List on What Businesses Are Considered Essential
Cuomo Thinks the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Last 9 Months
Cuomo Issues New Rules All New Yorkers Should Follow
Major Changes on New York State Thruway Announced
Drive-Thru Coronavirus Collection Sites Now in Dutchess, Ulster

Sunday, March 22, 2020
Cuomo Cancels All Non-Critical Elective Surgeries in New York
Dutchess County Reports First Coronavirus-Related Death

Saturday, March 21, 2020
Cuomo: 40% Will Get Coronavirus, Virus Will Be Around for Months
2 SUNY New Paltz Faculty Members Have Coronavirus

Friday, March 20, 2020
Hudson Valley Grocery Store Information
Here's What Businesses Are Considered 'Essential' in New York
Molinaro: April Isn't Going to Be a School Month
Cuomo: 100% of Company's Workforce Must Stay at Home
All New York Barbershops, Hair Salons, Tattoo Parlors Must Close
Ulster County Issues New Guidance for Daycares
Dutchess, Ulster Execs Holding Facebook Town Hall
Hudson Valley Counties Providing Free Food, Meds to Residents

Thursday, March 19, 2020
New York Supermarkets Looking to Hire Over 2,000 Workers
Cuomo: No More Than 25% of Company's Workforce Can Leave Home
Some Stores at Hudson Valley Malls Will Remain Open
Floating Hospital Is Coming to New York to Help Fight Coronavirus
Two More Sullivan County Residents Have Coronavirus

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
New York Malls, Amusement Parks, Bowling Alleys Ordered Closed
Cuomo: No More Than 50% of Company's Workforce Can Leave Home
Hudson Valley Stores Adjust Hours, Make Other Changes
NYC Mayor: 'All New Yorkers Should Prepare for Shelter in Place'
Cuomo Expects Coronavirus to Peak in 45 Days, More Changes Likely
Coronavirus Confirmed at Three Orange County Locations
New York Lawmakers Strike Deal on Paid Sick Leave

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
New Yorkers Might Receive $1,000 Stimulus Checks in the Near Future
VA Hudson Valley Health Care System Confirms Presumptive Positive COVID-19 Case
ShopRite Temporarily Suspends Returns
Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in New York Soar Past 1,000
Cuomo Closes New York Schools Until at Least April
Cuomo Wants Most New York Businesses Closed
Businesses in Hudson Valley Can Sell Take-Out Alcohol

Monday, March 16, 2020
Nonessential SUNY New Paltz Employees Asked to Work From Home
Trump: Avoid Gathering in Groups of More Than 10 People
1st Sullivan County Resident Tests Positive for Coronavirus
Hudson Valley Residents Offering Delivery or Takeout
New York Continues to Lead Country in Known Coronavirus Cases
All Tri-State Restaurants, Bars, Gyms Are Closing
Cuomo Urges New Yorkers to 'Stay Home' Practice Social Distancing
Someone With Coronavirus Was Inside Middletown High School
OC Executive: NY Businesses, Restaurants May Close This Week
Cuomo Calls on Trump to Take Federal Action to Fight Coronavirus

Sunday, March 15, 2020
CDC Recommends Canceling Large Events, Big Gathering for 8 Weeks
Coronavirus Confirmed in Putnam, Greene Counties
Cuomo Urges Businesses to Close, Have Employees Work From Home
2 NY Assembly Members Latest to Test Positive for COVID-19
Stop & Shop Adjusting Store Hours

Saturday, March 14, 2020
Sullivan County Orders Schools Closed for 3 Weeks
Marist College Student Tests Positive for Coronavirus
COVID-19 Case on Bard Campus, More in Orange County
Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Increase in New York, Hudson Valley
82-Year-Old NYC Woman Becomes New York's First COVID-19 Death

Friday, March 13, 2020
National Emergency Declared Over Coronavirus, More Cases in Hudson Valley
Orange County Executive Recommends Two-Week School Closures
Ulster, Dutchess Schools Closing for Two Weeks
Coronavirus in New York York: Not Statewide School Closures--Yet
Hudson Valley Gyms Issue Protocols to Stop Spread of Coronavirus
State of Emergency Declared in Ulster County
1st East Coast Drivethru Testing Located in Lower Hudson Valley

Thursday, March 12, 2020
Coronavirus Confirmed in Dutchess County, More in Ulster County
New York Bans Gatherings of 500 or More
First Orange County Resident Tests Positive for Coronavirus
Orange County Patient Tests Positive for Coronavirus
Hudson Valley Official Recommends Canceling All Large Gatherings

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
2nd Coronavirus Case Confirmed in Orange County, 5 Schools Closed
Schools in Hudson Valley Take Proactive Coronavirus Measures
NJ Man Who Died From Coronavirus Worked in Lower Hudson Valley
'Containment Zone' Created for Cluster of Coronavirus Cases in NY

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Mount Saint Mary College Students, Staff Ordered Off Campus
Ulster Coronavirus Patient Had Contact With Dutchess Residents

Sunday, March 8, 2020
1st Ulster County Resident Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Saturday, March 7, 2020
New York Coronavirus Cases Reach 89

Friday, March 6, 2020
Doctor, Teacher Among New Coronavirus Cases in New York

Thursday, March 5, 2020
10 Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus Linked to Lower Hudson Valley

Wednesday, March 4, 2020
4 New Cases of Coronavirus in Lower Hudson Valley Confirmed
4 New York Schools Close After Man Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
First Positive Case of Coronavirus Confirmed in Westchester

Region Moving Back From Reopening Tops This Week's Hudson Valley News