That's certainly an odd headline, isn't it? Typically you wouldn't be searching these kinds of properties out but in this case, Sullivan County's Division of Planning and Community Development want to know where these properties are and if you can help them out.

If you know of a property in Monticello, Liberty, or South Fallsburgh that may be contaminated by hazardous waste, please let the county know. These properties pose a threat to not only animals, vegetation, or people's lives but also to property values. Who wants to buy a home next to a property that might be contaminated.

How can the county help? They have access to some grants which would enable them to deal with the pollutants and help make the property usable again. There will be a Community Visioning Session held this Thursday, June 21 in the Hearing Room of the Monticello Government Center from 6-8 pm.

This is your chance to talk about potentially contaminated properties and learn how everyone can work together to redevelop these areas. For more information, call the Planning Division at 845-807-0527.

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