There's a new National cheap sandwich war brewing and this one is going to be fought on the land that made Subway a household name.

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Subway started here in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965 as Pete's Super Submarines, their world headquarters is now located in Milford. Subway has around 37,500 locations worldwide. They are the undisputed champ in cheap sandwiches and the world's largest restaurant operator.

Connecticut does not mess around when it comes to our grinders. Many national chains have come and gone on our rocky landscape. Yes, I'm looking at you Quizno's and D'Angelo's. Nardelli's and Noochie's owned you.

Well, according to, a national cheap sandwich contender named Jimmy John's is dipping their toe into Connecticut for the first time. According to the article, Connecticut's first Jimmy John's is going to be located on Rt. 1 in Norwalk at 295 Westport Ave. It's going to be built in the space that used to be Wells Fargo Bank.


I've never been to a Jimmy John's. The menu looks very similar to a Jersey Mike's at first glance. The thing that strikes me as unique/weird about Jimmy John's is they only serve one variety of cheese - Provolone. I do love Provolone, but I'm of the crowd that thinks that it doesn't pair well with every kind of sandwich meat. Jimmy John's leans Italian: Salami and Capicola, sorry, I mean GABAGHOOOL, are on quite a few.

A couple of their sandwiches are actually named "Spicy East Coast Italian" and "Italian Night Club". Sorry, when I see "Spicy East Coast Italian" and "Italian Night Club" I think of Seaside Heights, not Provolone, GABAGHOOOL, and Lettuce.

There are already Jimmy John's in NY, NJ, and Mass, so if you're traveling around and want a sneak peak, you can get one now. According to the article, there is no opening date set yet for the Norwalk Jimmy John's, the applications and permits process, and the actual build have to be approved first.

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