This is a campaign we can get behind.

If you've been living under a rock then you're probably not familiar with Yellowstone, and no we're not talking about the National Park. We're talking about the Kevin Costner driven drama series on Paramount Network that follows the absolutely wild lives of the Dutton family.

Season 4 has been a wild ride, but we're a spoiler-free website so you'll just have to watch to see what we're talking about.

With that being said, if you haven't watched this current season then the picture above probably won't make any sense to you. But we're sure you can connect the dots.

Earlier this week, Chief Joseph Ranch in Montana (which also acts as the set of Yellowstone) shared a photo of a 'Vote John Dutton For Governor' sign. We did some research and found that the sign was hung at a Rolling M Ranch in Southbury, Connecticut.

We reached out to Sam Tarby who shared with us that Rolling M Ranch is a multi-generation horse farm and training facility. The photo above is of Sam's grandfather Joe McAllister (right) and her father Chris McAllister.

When it comes to the fun 'Yellowstone' sign Tarby explains:

Our whole family has grown up training, showing, and selling horses so it’s really cool with Yellowstone to even see some familiar horses and trainers that we see frequently out on the show circuits.

Sam Tardy
Joe McAllister


Tarby added:

To a lot of people the new addition to the show with the horses and showing is fun and entertaining but for us it’s real life and really cool for so many people to get to see even a glimpse of that now.

To learn more about Rolling M Ranch you can check them out on Facebook. Yellowstone season 4 wrapped up on Sunday, January 2nd but you can find episodes on Paramount On-Demand.

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