I just received an invitation for a pretty significant high school reunion this upcoming September.

If i'm being completely honest, i'm not really into it...at all.

I grew up here in the Hudson Valley, did k-12 in the Wappingers Central School District.  I had a decent experience in high school, was involved in all sorts of stuff, had a couple of different friend groups, did pretty well in school.  I graduated and stayed somewhat local, doing both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at SUNY New Paltz.  I moved out of the area for almost 10 years, landing in New England, did the whole marriage, house, baby path, and then decided I wanted to move back to the Hudson Valley.

I remember, way back when, people making comments about me 'not going away' to college since I was only like 40 minutes from home at New Paltz, whatever, maybe that's why i'm not interested in seeing you all at our upcoming reunion.

I still keep in touch with plenty of people from high school, the ones I actually liked anyway.  I still have the same best friend, we're going on 20-something years of friendship and talk pretty much daily.  I have other friends from high school that I still hang with, in fact our kids are now friends, so that's a big bonus.  Social media has been a great way to reconnect with some people I lost touch with, and in some cases, that 'remove' button on the 'friends you may know' suggestions on facebook has been a great way to NOT connect with people I have no desire to. Sometimes, I even go down different aisles in the grocery store when I see people from high school that I don't want to talk to.  I shouldn't go to this reunion, right?

I guess the point of all of this is to ask, am I missing out by not attending this high school reunion?  I see the people I want to, I talk to the people I want to, and anyone who knows me, knows i'm really not the 'put on the face and schmooze' kind of girl, especially with people I haven't even thought about in all these years since we graduated, and I really don't want to sit, with my graduation photo name tag stuck to my shirt and share drinks....it's just not my style.

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