When was the last time you bought concert tickets?  If it's been recently, you may have noticed that the price seems a bit high.

Artists like Eric Church are trying to fight this by making it as hard as they can for scalpers and some artists are even having extra security just to watch for scalpers.

Kid Rock has become known for his $20 tickets and that seems to be pretty hard on scalpers.

According to MarketWatch, Ticketmaster is raising ticket prices to make it harder on scalpers.  Yes, you read that right.

Ticketmaster and Live Nation are saying that it's the bargain ticket prices that are bringing the scalpers out and causing prices to raise.

I'm really confused by this because if we are buying tickets from scaplers that are buying the bargain ones, the tickets are still selling so what's the difference?

I mean, I do actually get it.  If they can make money off of us because we are willing to pay more than the bargain prices, why can't the artists, bookers, etc get the money.

Well, if we stop buying off of scalpers, I think it would be better than raising the prices.


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