Mittens vs Gloves it is a winter battle that has raged in my house for years. There are benefits to both but let's face it most people have a preference. If you have never given thought to this tough topic let me walk you through the discussion at my house.

I like mittens because my hands are warm and I don't have stuff between my fingers. My husband is a glove man because in his words mittens are like walking around with pot holders on your hands. I will agree that it is harder to get stuff out of your pockets with mittens but the the purpose of wearing something on your hands is to keep them warm and I think mittens do that better than gloves.

If you want to get a reliable source in on this topic to help you decide checkout this online article from REI Gloves vs Mittens. Not only do they back me up on the mittens are warmer thing, but they also get into lobster and 3 in 1 style. They have all kinds of things you should think about when selecting outer wear for your hands in the winter. Water proof, heated and they even cover the need to use touch screens.

No matter what you decide just make sure you pick something to wear. Frostbite is no joke and can set in fast. Now the the temperatures are dipping it is a good idea to keep gloves and/or mittens in the car. I always keep an extra pair just in case the ones I am wearing get wet. Cold wet mittens or gloves are the worst.

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