Get ready for some more energy when you take a sip of Dunkin' coffee.

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On Tuesday, Dunkin' announced the addition of Extra Charged Coffee to its menu. The new Extra Charged Coffee has 20 percent more caffeine than Dunkin's regular hot and iced coffee.

"Heading into January, people could use a little extra of a lot of things, including extra encouragement, extra energy, and extra excitement. Leave it to Dunkin’ to take charge, brewing the extra boost everyone needs to tackle 2021 and get things done in the New Year. Dunkin’ today announced the addition of Extra Charged Coffee to its menu, packing 20% more caffeine than Dunkin’s classic Hot and Iced Coffee, while delivering the same great taste," company officials wrote in a press release.

According to Dunkin', the extra caffeinated coffee will taste the same as regular hot and iced coffee at Dunkin'. The Extra Charged Coffee features green coffee extract that gives coffee drinkers an extra boost with 20 percent more caffeine.

“Since opening our doors more than 70 years ago, Dunkin’ has served a superior cup of coffee. Now, for the first time in our history, we’re offering the boldest and most diverse assortment of blends and customization options to fuel a new era of coffee at Dunkin’,” said Jill Nelson, Vice President, Marketing & Culinary at Dunkin’. “From the darkest roast in our portfolio to the most caffeinated hot and iced coffee varieties, we are more committed than ever to keeping Americans running on Dunkin’ in 2021.”

A medium cup of Extra Charged Coffee will cost $2 until Jan. 26.

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