Now that I've seen it, what do I do?

Jess introduced me to the dating app Bumble a while back in an attempt to get me back out on the dating scene. She rewrote my profile, picked my picture, everything she said I needed to get some Hudson Valley ladies interested in me.

Quick update, not much has come of it as far as dating goes but as my life goes, there has to be some drama.

A female friend of mine sent me a text message last week with a picture of a guy that she saw on Bumble. No big deal right? Well the guy in the picture was a mutual friend of ours that has been in a serious relationship for a really longtime, I mean I just went out with him and his girlfriend a few weeks ago so I know that they are still together.

Here is where the drama comes in. Mow that I've seen it, do I say something to them? Have you ever been in drama like this? If yes, what did you do? Call or text the show through the Wolf app.

Best advice we got so far was from a woman who called in to tell me not to say anything because it may be something the couple is doing to "spice" things up a bit. She said "maybe they are looking for a third and only say something if you want to be the third." LOL!!!!!!!!

What would you do?

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