Just two of our weekend highlights.

After each weekend on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we give you guys a quick recap of some of the "things" we each did with a little game we call "Three Things From the Weekend". Every Monday after we narrow our list of things we did down to just three each, Jess read two sets of three to you on the air anonymously. Your job is to try to figure out which one of us did which set of three.

If you missed our "things" here they are one more time....

Person One

1. Watched the movie Soul Surfer.
2. Went rafting on the Delaware River.
3. Got stuck in the water and panicked.

Person Two

1. Saw a waterfall.
2. Went kayaking.
3. Spent Sunday at Urgent Care.

Who do you think did what? Get the answer and the stories behind our trips out on the water by watching our weekly video episode....

If you have ever fallen in the water off a boat and had a hard time getting back in the boat or in my case the raft, I think you'll understand my frustration...LOL and if you can do me a favor, if you have any sort of home remedy cure for an ear ache, please send it to Jess as she is dealing with an ear infection and is in excruciating pain!!! You can text her through the Wolf mobile app.

Thank you for watching and being part of the show. Have a great week and remember to SMILE and if you go rafting or kayaking, make sure you wear a life vest...LOL!

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