WOW, these are pretty funny.

Over the last few weeks most kids that are in school have had their yearly school pictures taken. You remember the ones that were always taken with that crazy background, sometimes it was blue, sometimes it had stars.

If I remember correctly I think my mom always chose the light blue background because she said it really brought out my eyes. LOL! In celebration of school pictures Jess and I thought we would do our best to make kids and parents all across the Hudson Valley feel a little better about getting their picture taken by showing off two of the worst picture ever photographed.

Take a look at these bad boys....

Here is Jess from 8th grade


And CJ's also from the 8th grade


See, I told you my mom ALWAYS chose the blue background! If I remember correctly right after I had this picture taken I was caught smoking on the roof of school. Like I've said many times, I was not a good child. LOL.

Do you have any of your old school pictures around? If you do share them with us by texting us through the Wolf app or if your brave like us, you can share them on our Facebook page.

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