The hamlet plays a big role in New York City's water supply and helps out during a critical time. The other day I was driving around the Hudson Valley and I stumbled across an area in Dutchess County that looked beautiful and it made me want to learn more about it, that area was Chelsea, NY.

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Where exactly is Chelsea, NY located?

There are a ton of these in the Hudson Valley...Chelsea is a hamlet of the Town of Wappinger and that's located right in Dutchess County. The hamlet is located on the Hudson River, has the 845 telephone area code and their own fire district.

What makes Chelsea, NY special?

Many reasons of course, but the big one is that the hamlet is right near a large pumping station that is used by the New York City water supply system during droughts. It pretty much means water is taken directly from the river to help and it can become fresh enough to drink. How cool is that?

More interesting facts about Chelsea, NY:

  • The origional name of the hamlet was Low Point because it's considered to be a low point of land that's extending into the river
  • A post office in Low Point was established in 1840
  • The beautiful Chelsea Yacht Club is located there
  • Chelsea has several national historic register homes

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Have you ever lived in Chelsea, NY? Do you know someone who does? Do you know more hamlets in the Hudson Valley? Share your answers with us on the station app.


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