As the weather warms up we can expect to see more food trucks on the road. These yummy alternatives to the the regular restaurant meal now delivered in parks, at festivals and even on the occasional local county road. Now that summer is right around the corner they will be back in all their glory. As a matter of fact this Thursday night kicks off the Hudson Valley Food Truck Festival's third Thursdays at Cantine Veterans Memorial Complex in Saugerties. It runs through October. Hours are 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Click here for more information.

Food trucks come in all varieties or should we say all different cuisines. Everything from Italian to BBQ to Tex Mex. There is however one type of food truck that I don't believe we have yet in the Hudson Valley and if I am wrong please correct me. I don't think we have a a food truck that caters to our four legged pals.

Put yourself in your pups shoes for a minute. You are out strolling the park or a pet friendly festival and you are encountering food trucks and other food vending options. They all smell amazing to you but to your dog they are irresistible. A dogs sense of smell is 40 times greater than ours. So if all that delicious food smell is making you hungry image how Fito feels.

It is important to remember a lot of people food is toxic to dogs so the answer might not be just give him a bite of what your eating. So I suggest someone do what this couple in Seattle is doing. They were featured on the NBC Nightly News and I think they are on to something big in the food truck business.


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