So this New Year's Eve we will experience a "Leap Second" this is an extra second added to the last hour of the year to catch us back up with the sun. According to a story by NBC News having a leap second every year or so keeps our clocks in-sync with earth's rotation.

Lot's of things effect how the earth rotates and at time is seems that the earth slows down then it will speed back up. In order to keep our clocks aligned with the sun we have to add a whole second to the clock every so often and that is called a "Leap Second". If you can clear the year-end clutter from your brain for a moment and put on your thinking caps the video below does a great job of explaining how and why we need a leap second. Viewer warning, you may have to hit rewind once or twice if you are like me and aren't good at math.

The Leap second explained.

Even more fascinating then the actual reason we have a leap second is what "The Telegraph" believes can happen during that extra moment we will have in 2016. Check out the 11 things they say will occur in the extra second before midnight.

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