While we were all busy at the fair last week some new words were added to the Oxford Dictionary, making Scrabble oh so much more "awesomesauce". Yes, awesomesauce is now officially in the oxford dictionary. I wonder how long it will take spell check in my computer to be updated with these new cool dictionary worthy words.

Each year the Dictionary people at both Websters and Oxford consider new words to be officially added to the pages of there respective books. Their is a pretty tough criteria for the words to actually be added. Stay power being the top reason a word makes the list. And believe it or not they actually remove words each year as well, words that become obsolete.

Oxford has just released its latest adds which includes words like "hangry" a termed used to describe the anger you feel because you are hungry. Most of the words added to Oxford this week I have to admit I never use, however a few are said in my home daily such as "wineo'clock".

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