I'm not saying we're obsessed with Bigfoot in the Hudson Valley, but when there's a sighting people are interested.

Earlier in February The Bigfoot Researches of The Hudson Valley, lead by Dutchess County native Gayle Beaty, reported alleged Bigfoot tracks in Rhinebeck. The tracks were measured up to 35 inches, which happens to be one of their biggest measurement on record.

Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley
Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley

If you're a Bigfoot believer and want to have some safe and delicious Bigfoot fun, you might want to head upstate a little further.

Did you know that that Washington County New York is the Bigfoot sighting capital? Neither did i, but thanks to OnlyinYourState.Com now I do. Washington County is past Lake George on the way to Ticonderoga.

Much like how our Pine Bush is the capital of UFO sightings and home to the Sauce and Cup Dinner, Washington County is capitalizing on their Bigfoot popularity.  You can find the Sasquatch Saloon in town.

The saloon, which opened up in 2016, is said to have quirky Bigfoot memorabilia like a wooden cutout that makes for a great photo op, but also some really good food like a huge grass fed burger.

So if you're looking to find Bigfoot, but get hungry along the way check out Sasquatch Saloon at 16 N Williams St, in Whitehall New York.


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