As if two days before Halloween isn't stressful enough, okay maybe not for anyone but me. Now I am thinking about the power being out. Some of us have been keeping up on Zeta who blew through the south and is now bring us our lovely Thursday rain. Bad new is I guess Zeta bumped in to a cold front and maybe causing heavy snow to fall over the next 24 hours in parts the Hudson Valley.

The email from Central Hudson this afternoon mentions how problematic snow can be this time of year due to the fact that leaves are still on trees. They also want you to remember to stay clear of downed power lines. If you didn't get this latest release it may be due to the fact that they specifically mention this heavy wet snow that is due in tonight though tomorrow affecting portions of Ulster and Greene counties.

I have been keeping my eye on the weather but much like the rest of you I have also been saying "Yeah, Yeah we'll see". And actually I don't think we are going to get significant snow fall but what keeps grabbing my attention is the idea that I will get unplugged.

Yes, I said unplugged. I just received another press release via email from Central Hudson that I should prepare for the power to go out. I do appreciate that they remind us and that they are being persistent that it is a possibility but I am really trying to act like this won't happen. Seriously, though if the power company is giving us the head up we should probably pay attention.

So I am officially preparing to be ready for the power to go out which lately means more than figuring out how to eat everything melting in the freezer. If the power goes out at my house it doesn't mean the work goes away. That is the one thing that all this online virtual stuff has caused over the last few months. You don't have to be in the office to work which means we often find ourselves working from home. However when the power goes out a my house it means we are basically camping until it comes back on. You guessed it, no generator for me.

So my suggestions is do what you can, stock up on your power's out snow day favorites and let the boss know that the reports going to be late. And then if the power doesn't go out you can just keep binge watching Halloween movies until Zeta heads out and the sun returns for Halloween.

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