Saturday, the first Saturday in August is officially National Mead Day. Not Familiar with Mead? Then a trip to the New York State Renaissance Faire should be on your list on things to do this weekend. Mead for some is an acquired taste but a sample at one of America's most popular RenFaires my just get you hooked.

So what is Mead? According to Mead is fermented from 3 simple ingredients, Honey, Yeast and Water. It is most likely the predecessor to most alcohol beverages. Referred to as Honey Wine and Nectar it can be carbonated or not plus some makers add other herbs to give it a slightly different flavor.

Celebrating National Mead Day at the Renfaire this weekend could make your first glass of Mead quite enjoyable. If you have never been to the New York State Renaissance Faire your are missing out on traveling back in time to the days of Knights and Ladies, Castles and Jousts and of course Mead. The Faire is open August 4th and runs weekends through September 30th. Find out more about New York State Renaissance Faire by clicking here.

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