So National Day Calendar may not be able to tell you who gets the credit for January 12th being National Curried Chicken Day, but does that really matter. Everyday on the calendar has something attached to it. As a matter of fact today is also National Pharmacists Day and National Marzipan Day. That being said I decide to focus in of my favorite, Curry.

Curry has always been one of those dishes I was never familiar with, my dad didn't like it so my Mom never made it. It wasn't until I was out of college that I actually tried my first curried dish, Curried beef at an Indian restaurant in New York city. Ever since that first taste I have been hooked.

My limited culinary knowledge at the time had me believing that you could only make curry with a jar of curry powder. Fast forward to my kitchen today and I now know you can mix your curry spices yourself which often makes it more appealing to more people. I know quite a few people who just say "NO" to curried anything.

For those who don't like traditional curry there is an American version of the recipe called Chicken Country Captain. It is a perfect cold weather meal. Try out this 2010 recipe from Bobby Flay. You'll like it, it has bacon in it.

And speaking of chicken do you have your Tickets For Wings Wars 2016 at the Mid Hudson Civic Center on January 30th from 5p to 9p. Maybe their will be some Curried Wings.

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