The 59th Annual Grammy Awards air tomorrow night on CBS. The Grammy Awards are one of my favorite awards shows. They are a lot like the Academy Awards in the sense that often there are people, songs, and albums nominated that we all might not be too familiar with and for me this is the case in the Best Country Album category. Until Brandy Clark talked with CBS This Morning I had know idea her album was so personal.

Nominees in this category this year include radio favorites Keith Urban's "Ripcord" and Maren Morris' "Hero". The other three albums that round out the honorees this year are Sturgill Simpson's "A Sailor's Guide To Earth", Loretta Lynn's "Full Circle" and Brandy Clark's "Big Day In A Small Town". I would love to say I have a favorite but being that I haven't heard all of the albums I feel like I can only pick based on my sentimental favorites.

So I would love to see Loretta Lynn win. She is one of my favorite original ladies of country and I love the dresses. Coming in a close second is Brandy Clark. Her interview this morning with CBS has me heading out to add to her album to my stack of music.


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