A video is going viral of a New York woman making a decision that has people asking "What kind of person does that?"

Women Caught Abandoning Dog in New Rochelle, New York

The SPCA in Westchester County shared a video earlier this week on social media. In the video, which was obtained by a security camera, you see a white vehicle parked in the frame on Lotus Road in New Rochelle.

This all took place on Sunday, June 11, 2024, around noon.

Seconds later, a woman exits the vehicle, opens up the back door, closes it then opens the front door. When the woman opens the front door, a dog hops out of the front seat.

The woman proceeds to close the doors, walk around the car, and leave the dog sitting in the street.

Watching the dog follow its former owner around the car and watching her walk away is one of the most heartbreaking things to see. If you can handle it, you can watch the footage below:

SPCA Westchester Brings Abandoned Dog to Safety

Leaving a dog alone in the middle of the road is extremely dangerous, you don't need us to tell you that. It's common sense.

Thankfully the dog, who is described as a lab, is at home with the family who initially found it.

Westchester County SPCA Needs Your Help

The Westchester County SPCA is now asking for the public's help. The animal rescue hopes to identify the woman in the security camera footage who abandoned the dog.

SPCA Westchester, Instagram
SPCA Westchester, Instagram

They write on social media:

The woman is most likely local to the area and is wearing scrubs on a Sunday afternoon. Please call our Humane Law Enforcement hotline with more info (914) 941-7797.

They add that all phone calls will remain confidential.

The community seems to be coming together on this issue quickly. Comments on the Instagram post range from "What kind of person does that? I would die for my pets and then you have people like this leaving their dog along in the road" to "This is disgusting."

Others are hoping neighbors with better security cameras are in the area and were able to get a clear shot of the license plate.

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