A disturbing video caught on a doorbell camera shows two EMS employees in Catskill, New York allegedly mistreating a patient.

On Friday, May 17th the Town of Catskill Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were dispatched to a call off Main Street to help a resident with transportation to receive care and as the workers were attempting to get the patient out of his apartment and into the ambulance they allegedly mistreated him according to WTEN.

Catskill EMS Workers Resign

EMS Workers Caught Mistreating Patient in Catskill, New York

The alleged mistreatment was all caught on a doorbell camera (below) and shows two EMS workers escorting a male patient from his second-floor apartment to a waiting ambulance. As the two workers walk the man towards to ambulance one of them gets into the back and the patient attempts to get in as well.

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As he gets in from his knees with his left arm on the gurney he falls over and appears to be stuck in between the gurney and the bench seat of the ambulance.

Catskill EMS Workers Resign

As the man lays on the floor one EMS worker can be heard saying, "You need to get up, I'm not doing this!" A few seconds later the other worker tells the patient to pull himself up off the floor saying "You have to pull yourself up, you shouldn't have gone down there."

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EMS Workers Resign

After watching the video (below) Catskill Town Supervisor Patrick McCulloch announced that the town had immediately begun an internal investigation into the behavior of those two town employees which led to both resigning a short time later.

News of them resigning brings the town investigation to a close but according to McCulloch, the town is continuing to review their policies to improve service and prevent situations like this from ever happening again.


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