Cassadee Pope is putting the finishing touches on a new album due out in 2019, a project that the singer says reflects a vulnerability and openness that she's wanted to address in her music for a long time. Pope wants to share her story with fans, even -- and, perhaps, especially -- the parts that aren't happy or pretty.

"It's gonna be a big, revealing story," the singer explained to The Boot and other outlets in November of 2018. "The whole record is just telling the things that have happened over the past year and a half: the good, the bad and the ugly. Fans are gonna get to know me a lot better."

Vulnerability can be intimidating, and Pope admits that, in the past, there were times when she would have shied away from being so open in her music. "I've been met with some situations in the past where maybe I wouldn't have been able to release certain songs, or there would have been fear behind releasing them," she relates.

"But I have no fear this time," Pope adds. In fact, this time around, vulnerability sounds pretty good.

"I've actually been craving that," Pope goes on to say. "I want to bare it all ... If people love it, amazing. They're gonna love the most authentic version of me. If they don't like it, that's fine, but at least I won't have any regrets of not doing what I want."

Since she released her debut album, Frame By Frame, in 2013, not only has Pope lived through the subject matter that forms the basis of her new songs, but she's spent a lot of time onstage, learning firsthand how a studio project translates to a live set. This time around, she says, she's focusing more on how a song can tell a story in a live setting.

"I think my first record was full-force belting, the entire record, so at the end of [singing] it, I can just barely speak," Pope notes. "This record, I focused more on finding the sweet spot in my voice. It doesn't necessarily have to have these big vocal moments.

"I want the songs to tell a story, and it's a very personal project. It's a very emotional project," she adds. "I think this record is gonna have a lot more dynamics, vocally."

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