For Carrie Underwood and her husband, retired professional hockey player Mike Fisher, navigating the unique challenges that come along with celebrity is second nature. In a new interview with Sirius XM's Jenny McCarthy, though, Underwood admits that she had to draw a line in the sand when it came to letting Fisher hear new music before it was finished.

"I've learned not to really let him hear my stuff while I'm writing it, or while I'm recording it. He really only hears the album, kinda, when it's done," Underwood explains, adding that the reason for keeping her unfinished music to herself is that Fisher is a critical listener.

"He critiques, yeah," the singer goes on to say. "He'll tell me what he thinks about it, and -- I love my husband, and I do care what he thinks, but when it comes to music, I'll be like, 'This is like me telling you how to play hockey.'

"I'm like, 'Let mama handle this,'" she adds with a smirk.

Apparently, it is surprisingly common for hockey players' spouses to chime in with critiques of their game strategies. "I have friends, hockey wives, that do totally tell their husbands everything they did wrong," Underwood relates. Personally, though she's impressed by his skill on the ice, she reserves her commentary for other attributes of Fisher's.

"I'm like, 'You looked hot!' Like, even if I know he had a bad game, I'm like, 'You looked real good out there baby,'" she says.

Fisher's critiques notwithstanding, Underwood continues to delight audiences on her 2019 Cry Pretty 360 Tour, which is set to run through October. The trek will wrap on Halloween (Oct. 31) in Detroit, Mich.

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